Understanding Behaviour of Children and Young People


There are no simple solutions or answers for working with children, young people and parents to manage and change challenging behaviour. There are, however, a range of approaches that practitioners may consider using.


Duration: 02 hours 30 minutes

This course contains the following modules:

Module name Type Duration
An Introduction to Understanding Behaviour Online 00:30:00
Deep-rooted Behavioual Issues Online 00:30:00
Behaviour of Early Years Children Online 00:30:00
Responding to Behaviour in Young People Online 00:30:00
Responding to Behaviour in Children Online 00:30:00


This course is intended for all staff who work with children, young people and their families.


This course will enable you to:

• Outline the benefits of studying the behaviour of the child or young person
• Examine the words used to describe behaviour
• Consider both observable and hidden aspects of behaviour
• Explore what is meant by acceptable behaviour
• Look at examples of how to manage the challenging behaviour of various age groups


Here are a few topics covered in this course:

Who's responsible? | Parental responsibility | Best practice | A range of approaches | Storyboarding | Car trouble | The miracle question | What has changed? | Exploring the consequences | Cost-benefit analysis | Facing the facts | Self-monitoring profiles | Taking full ownership | Self-monitoring leads to change | Modelling | Following through | Support initiatives | Acceptable behaviour | Different strokes | Not all bad | Key indicator | Mismatch | Hidden and observable aspects of behaviour | What don't they know? | Starting position | Correct position | Observable behaviours | Externalising behaviours | Aggression | Types of Aggression | Delinquency | Hyperactivity | Biological risk factors | Internalising behaviours | Older children | Internal - external? | Root causes | Emotional Problems | Conduct disorder | Relevant factors | Other factors | Context | Adults and the negative context

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This course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.