Stress in the Workplace


Stress accounts for 43% of all working days lost in the UK due to ill health. At some point in their working lives, everyone is vulnerable to workplace stress, but this negative state and its causes can be managed and controlled. This insightful course is split into three modules, focusing on what work related stress is, what employers can do to control the main workplace stressors, and what employees can do to help themselves. After completing this course you will understand why people feel stressed and what changes can be made to prevent and manage it.


Duration: 30 minutes

This course contains the following modules:

Module name Type Duration
What is Work Related Stress? Online 00:10:00
Preventing and Managing Stress - the Employer’s Role Online 00:10:00
Preventing and Managing Stress – the Employee_s Role Online 00:10:00


This course is suitable for all employees and employers in the UK. Although work related stress can be experienced by anyone, in any industry, studies have shown that people in public service industries show higher levels of stress. These are people such as:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Teaching professionals
  • Those in business
  • Media professionals
  • And other public service professionals


In this course you will learn:

  • What work related stress is
  • The six primary sources of workplace stress
  • The emotional, behavioural and physical responses to stress
  • How stress is covered in The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • About The HSE Management Standards and risk assessments
  • Methods for managing the six primary sources of workplace stress
  • Preventing stress in relation to The Working Time Regulations 1998, and
  • Tips for managing your own stress and how to build resilience


This course is uses interactive screens, and thought-provoking questions designed to keep the learner engaged all the way through the course. This short course features a series of five quiz questions to test the learner's understanding.

The course uses scenarios to immerse the learner in the specifics of stress in the workplace.

Just a few of the topics covered: what work related stress is; the difference between pressure and stress; the six primary sources of workplace stress; the emotional responses of stress; the Behavioural responses; the Physical responses; how experience and outlook shape your disposition to stress; about stress caused by home life; how stress is related to absenteeism, presenteeism and high staff turnover; about The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

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This course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.